About us

The main idea of ATL company is creation of modern, competitive, well-manage enterprise. Our offer is focus on companies and institutions which progress, efficiency of work and success are related on rapid and efficient transport and professional distribution chain service.

Company mission

The mission statement of ATL Sp. z o.o. is assurance of the highest quality of logistic service in every kind, as well as active management of supply chain. Corporate philosophy is based on providing our Customers with the comprehensive service at the highest level. We pride ourselves industry’s key: punctual transport service, available 24h.

Business strategy

Our corporate strategy includes:
• take care of all links in supply chain,
• correct delivery time by elimation of the weakest points in transportation chain,
• achieve a state of “perfect in every way”,
• support with professional advise,
• planning transport service with real passion and imagination, as well as working with caution and flexibility on changes in transport market,
• aim to strenghten company position on transport market,
• be one step ahead of the competition companies.


Our team consists of young people, who based their work on years of experience, passion in active job and higly developed personal, social skills. In this field, main objective of a company is to:
• allow full autonomy of action to operate with established procedures, policies and rules,
• assure sustainable development, implementation of professional ambitions, safety and comfort of working,
• appreciate cooperation in the success of the company, as well as individual achievements.


Advantages of the company are punctuality transport orders and high quality service. We offer short selivery times, competitive prices and attractive payment terms. According to our business strategy, our overarching goal is to fulfill requirements and needs company’s Customers up to their full satisfaction.


All services performed by ATL are insured for liability Forwarder and Carrier Contractual liability amounting to EUR 300 000 for each event. Moreover, we offer very attractive terms CARGO insurance with a maximum area of responsibility to clause A to 110% of the charge value.