Audit Logistics is a menagerial assessment of company’s logistic condition or its offshore part, e.g. distribution, storage/warehousing, production.
Audit indicates the possibilities to improve Logistic processes and make a priority business decissions in a company. The key value of an audit is to take care of all the most important logistics areas as follow: logistics infrastructure, logistics organization, logistics system (sypply chain, distribution network) and computer systems.
Audit of the logistics system combined with the system and method of accounting.
Main goals of the service:
• Reliable assessment of company’s logistcs system/supply chain/distribution network/quality and method of settlement with the Inland Revenue Offices and Customs Clearance Offices;
• Prioritize and make a appropriate and effective decissions bound up with the distribution network, supply chain, the whole logistics system, localization of distribution centres, warehouses and so on, as well as outsourcing.
Description of the service:
Audit of the Logistic system/ sypply chain/ distibution network fully represent a strategic approach to the company’s management. It includes all features of company’s logistics such as costs, safety, flexibility, treting them like a factors of competitive advantage. The success of audit depends the most on appropriate wording of the goal. Audit is carry out by analize logistics and costs databases, interviews, observations, analytical and diagnostic workshops as well as werification of recommendation along with the company’s management. The main goal of the presentation for the board is to prepare company for making key business decissions.
• Information assurance (right diagnosis),
• Making optimal decission possibility about company’s cash and time-saving,
• The most effective activities chose,
• HR development,
• Benchmarking,
• Risk minimalization,
• Bad decission’s costs elimination,
• More effective work schedule.